Proven DIY Backdrop Ideas for Your Miami Photo Booth Rental!

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Miami Photo Booth Rental

Do you have a Miami photo booth rental set in place for any of the following?:

  • Wedding

  • Birthday party

  • Engagement party

  • Graduation party

  • Corporate event

If so, you’ve chosen the perfect way to entertain your guests and get them fully engaged in your event!

Photo booths help capture memories and create photo keepsakes of those memories that your guests can cherish for many years to come.

Wouldn’t you like to take it one step further and make your guests' event photos look as stunning as possible?

Our team at Ultimate Photo Booths put together a list of DIY backdrop ideas proven to make your photo booth photos pop!

Table of Contents

  1. Tips to Know Before Making Your Photo Booth Rental in Miami Photos Pop

  2. Gold Streamers

  3. Sequins

  4. Tassels

  5. Balloons

  6. Tulle and Fairy Lights

  7. Ombre Tissue Paper

  8. Paper plates

People Also Ask:

Are photo booths worth it?

Photo booths are fun for guests, no matter the event or their age. Our Miami photo booth rentals can give your attendees unlimited entertainment, privacy to be themselves when taking pictures, and much more!

Are photo booths still popular?

Yes! Photos booths are still very much in demand! At Ultimate Photo Booths, our team provides both open and tented booths. Our booths offer endless customization and versatility for any event!

What is the purpose of a photo booth?

While the purpose of a photo booth is to capture photos at events, they can offer so much more! They offer your guests the opportunity to socialize and have fun.

Our photo booth rentals in Miami also provide your attendees with a keepsake reminder of the event.

Do you need a photo booth at your wedding?

If you're a soon-to-be bride or groom who wants your wedding reception to feel like a party, having a photo booth is a must! They also offer entertainment options other than music and a dance floor.

Do photo booths save photos?

Most modern booths have digital workings. These come with hard drives. When photos are taken, the booth stores the images in a folder in the digital hard drive.

Tips to Know Before Making Your Photo Booth Rental Backdrop:

Before building your DIY photo booth backdrop for your next event, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

Consider the following tips we’ve put together to help make the process a little easier:

  • Try making the backdrop for your photo booth rental in Miami at least 8×8 so big groups can fit in the frame.

  • Make sure your chosen backdrop can fit through doors, transport easily to the event location, and break down easily.

  • Be realistic. While some backdrops look simple, building them can be time-consuming.

  • Have a sturdy stand that can support the weight of your backdrop and won’t tip over easily.

  • Placing your backdrop in front of a wall allows for easy accessibility during your event.

  • Try keeping your backdrop indoors or under shelter to protect it from wind or rain.

  • If using lots of texture, make sure you fill in all gaps. Light from the photo booth will expose those empty spaces.

Remember: A simple backdrop might be best. Sometimes all you need is a nicely colored or printed roll of paper to make your DIY backdrop pop!

Gold Streamers

Gold streamers are an easy way to make holiday or Christmas-themed photos look amazing. They’re also great to add festivity to baby shower pictures or add more fun to pet portraits.

You’ve probably seen this technique before in photos on Instagram, Pinterest, or done in real life at an event.

You can:

  • Tape your streamers to a wall

  • Hang them from using string

  • Use push pins to keep them in place

Either way, gold streamers are a simple way to really make your photos pop when paired with our photo booth rentals in Miami!


DIY Sequin backdrops are another option when you’re looking to add festivity to a wedding or dance. They offer a glamorous texture that shimmers like glitter without taking away from the subject of the picture; you and your friends!

While many of our Miami photo booth rental clients go with gold for their sequin backdrop, you can go with any color.


Looking for a simple way to make your photo booth pictures more whimsical? Try a DIY backdrop using tassels for your next event!

All you need is a little yarn, dye from your chosen color palette, and a dowel. Before you know it you’ll have a textured, chic backdrop worthy of your dream wedding.


A DIY balloon backdrop is a fun and mostly cost-effective technique you can use to make your photo booth pictures really pop (pun intended).

You do a lot with balloons, like:

  • Placing a few behind your subject(s)

  • Stacking them on top of each other

  • Letting them float using string

You can use any colored balloons for your Miami photo booth rental pictures to match your event and provide that wow factor.

Sky’s the limit (again, pun intended).

Tulle and Fairy Lights

Some flowy tulle and sparkling fairy lights can add a little magic to your photo booth backdrop. This is another easy DIY technique that looks like it took more effort than it actually did.

All you need to do is drape the fairy lights over a curtain rod and cover them with the tulle.

You can also add other elements to your backdrop depending on your style and event like:

  • Fake flowers

  • Large and small leaves

  • White or colored paper shapes

A tulle and fairy light background is a gorgeous backdrop that’s perfect for creating a soft, romantic, or feminine feel to your photos.

Ombre Tissue Paper

A DIY tissue paper backdrop may take some effort, creating an ombre effect with tissue paper makes for a photo backdrop that really pops!

Many of our Miami photo booth rental clients use tissue paper to add an ombre effect that looks good with any color scheme.

Paper Plates

Using different colored paper plates can make a perfectly fun and funky photo booth backdrop. This technique can be great for a child’s birthday party or even a baby shower.

You can:

  • Use different shades of the same color

  • Create a bright and cheery backdrop using different colors and random tape pattern

  • Create unique patterns using different sized paper plates

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