Photo Booth Rental Prices: How to Find the Best Deal

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Photo booth rental prices

Photo booth rental prices can vary greatly, and it’s hard to know where to start when looking for a deal. Luckily, our team at Ultimate Photo Booths is here to help!

We've put together this blog as a guide for you to find the best price on photo booth rentals by:

  • Discussing what photo booth rentals typically include

  • The different prices that come with different packages

  • How to find the best photo booth rental for you

Table of Contents

  1. What Are the Average Photo Booth Prices to Rent?

  2. What Determines The Cost Of Photo Booth Rentals?

  3. Photo Booth Type

  4. Rental Hours

  5. Additional Hours

  6. Special Features

  7. Days of The Week

  8. 5 Essentials to Look for When Renting A Photo Booth

  9. 1. Hours of Operation

  10. 2. The Camera

  11. 3. The Lighting

  12. 4. The Printing

  13. 5. Specialization

  14. Photo Booth Non-Essentials: Add-ons

  15. 7 To-Dos Before Paying Those Photo Booth Rental Prices

  16. Conclusion

People Also Ask:

How much does it cost to rent a photo booth?

The average photo booth rental price in the US is between $200 - $500 per hour.

Most photo booth rental companies have a 2 to 4-hour minimum of service hours.

How much is a photo booth for a wedding?

Photo booth rentals offer a fun activity for your wedding guests and can also double as party favors! Wedding photo booth rental prices can range from $400 to $1,000, but costs vary depending on many factors.

Are photo booths still popular?

Are photo booths still a wedding event trend? The answer is yes!

There are endless amounts of photo backdrops you can buy or create, making your wedding photo booth rental fun and memorable.

What Are the Average Photo Booth Prices to Rent?

We all know that “you get what you pay for.” But, how can you know if something is too cheap or too expensive if you’re not sure what is the average cost?

Google pulls data to show you that average prices for photo booth rentals nationwide typically range from:

  • $275 per hour on the low end

  • $525 hourly on the high end

  • $380 per hour on the average cost

However, photo booth rental prices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the South Central Florida communities can vary.

Do you have high expectations, but don’t want to pay high costs? Look for a company with a good reputation and prices like Ultimate Photo Booths!

What Determines The Cost Of Photo Booth Rentals?

Because photo booths and related services are customizable, it can be challenging to understand average prices. It’s important to do your research and become familiar with what renting a photo booth for your next event entails.

Common factors that determine the price of a photo booth rental often include:

  • Photo booth type

  • Rental hourly minimums

  • Additional hours

  • Special features

  • Days of the Week

Remember: Just because some companies have a large list of features and some don’t doesn't mean all services are equal!

Photo Booth Type

Often requested for just about any event imaginable, photo booths are a popular party addition that can accommodate just about any sized crowd.

The 3 main types of photo booths are:

  1. Enclosed photo booth

  2. Open-air photo booth

  3. A camera

We provide open-air booths at Ultimate Photo Booths. They're designed to accommodate any type of event, backdrop, and crowds of 10 to15 people or more per photo!

Rental Hours

On average, photo booth rental prices are set by a minimum ranging from 2 to 4 hours.

Most companies require you to book booths for this timeframe to cover costs for an employee to:

  • Transport the photo booth

  • Set up the booth

  • Stay onsite at the event

  • Break down the photo booth

  • Transport the booth back

Quick tip: The photo booth prices to rent typically increase the more special features and hours you add!

Additional Hours

Many photo booth rental companies offer and may negotiate prices for set hours. Whether you want to add more hours before or during the event, additional prices can range between $100 to $150 or more on average.

When renting, be sure to clarify whether your base price includes:

  • Time to set up

  • Breakdown time

  • Time to collect and save all photos

These are important factors that can impact how long you want to rent the photo booth.

Special Features

Part of what makes renting a photo booth fun is the endless amount of features and props. It’s essential to know what features are included in your rental and what isn’t.

Some companies offer unlimited photos or photo strips during your event, while others may charge more for this service, extra supplies, and beyond.

Days of the Week

If you want to rent a photo booth on a Saturday or Sunday, just remember that they're the most requested days of the week!

5 Essentials to Look for When Renting A Photo Booth

Every photo booth available today needs essentials to operate well and provide you with the best experience.

5 photo booth essentials should always include:

1. Hours of Operation

When looking into photo booth rentals, make sure you have enough time to enjoy your booth at your event. Our team recommends you rent for at least 2 hours.

We believe that 3 hours is the sweet spot, especially at weddings!

2. The Camera

Before renting, be sure to ask what type of camera or other digital devices are being used to take pictures at your event. Unfortunately, you can’t assume that the company you chose is using the right gear.

Our open-air booths at Ultimate Photo Booths use the highest quality technology, like iPads to ensure every photo meets our high standards of quality!

3. The Lighting

Finding a photo booth with the right lighting can be challenging.

The wrong lighting can:

  • Make faces look shiny

  • Cast harsh shadows

  • Pick up unflattering lines and textures

Our open-air photo booths use soft LED ring lighting that doesn’t give off heat, create a flash, or pick up unwanted textures and lines.

4. The Printing

Believe it or not, having the right printer for your photo booth rental helps make all the difference! Most modern printers print with heat that helps dry your photos as soon as they come out.

By doing so, these printers:

  • Coat and seal your images

  • Protect your pictures from moisture

  • Produce vibrant colors and sharpness

5. Specialization

Do the photo booth rental companies in your area specialize in the industry?

At Ultimate Photo Booths, our team of experts does! We’ve worked with countless individuals, making sure that our booths offer the best experience at any event.

Photo Booth Non-Essentials: Add-ons

Just about anything that’s not on the essential list above can be considered an add-on.

Treat these common features like add-ons, and only get what you feel is necessary or what you really want:

  • Custom backdrops

  • Props (hats, sunglasses, signs, mustaches, flags, etc.)

  • Tents

  • Additional prints and personalized prints

  • Custom branded wraps or screens

7 To-Dos Before Paying Those Photo Booth Rental Prices

Photo booth prices are a few hundred dollars on average, so make sure you’re getting the best deal and working with the right company.

Before paying, be sure to take these steps to ensure the best experience possible:

  1. Read reviews

  2. Look for licenses and insurance

  3. Find the best financial fit

  4. Look for must-have features

  5. Sign a contract

  6. Have an attendant

  7. Ask if prints are included


Contact our Ultimate Photo Booths experts to book a booth or if you need help getting started finding the right photo booth rental prices.

Are you ready to get the best deal for photo booth prices to rent?