Why YOU Need A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

9 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs A Photo Booth

Weddings are nothing if not the perfect reason to dress up, enjoy good company, and take tons of pictures. And nothing encourages people to take pictures like a photo booth! It might seem redundant to have a photo booth at your wedding since everyone now travels with a portable camera, not to mention most people have a professional photographer capturing the day.

However, photo booths add a novelty to picture taking, and they’re also the perfect spot for a photo op! Even celebrities have embraced the idea of photo booths at their weddings, and the trend is only growing. So if you’re wondering what kind of experience a photo booth can add to your wedding, we’re outlining all the perks below!

1. The Fun Factor

There’s no getting around it, photo booths are fun! People love them. They’re a throwback to days when people took pictures in mall photo booths, they come with props and good lighting, and they’re a great way to grab a good picture with friends at the wedding. As an added bonus, it makes a natural location for a good picture, which means people will be able to easily find a good place to take snapshots rather than wandering around your venue looking for the perfect spot.

2. Making Memories

A wedding is about celebrating the couple, of course, but it’s also an opportunity for people to see members of their family or friends that they might not connect with constantly. A photo booth gives people the opportunity to capture those moments of reconnection that the photographer isn’t going to be prioritizing.

3. Bonus Favors

You can set up an instant print feature that means your guests are able to take home their pictures as mementos of the wedding. People love prints no matter what, but it’s even more fun to have instant access to pictures from the event. Your guests will love the opportunity to take home a souvenir from your big day to tide them over until the official pictures are available!

4. More Pictures

The more pictures the better at any wedding! A photo booth is going to be able to capture more candids of your guests as they enjoy your big day and you might find some sweet moments that you wouldn’t have been able to capture without the extra camera. Brides and grooms are busy on their wedding day, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to spend much time with all of their guests, but a photo booth allows them to see the joy of the event that was happening outside their view.

5. Custom Templates and Props

It’s easy to curate custom props or frames for your photos that people can use to take pictures that are easily identifiable as pictures from your wedding! You can incorporate props that are a nod to inside jokes the couple shares or just a mention of the occasion. Either way, they’ll be uniquely yours.

6. Get Creative

Photo booths are a fun way to get creative. You can suggest photo prompts, provide props, or even ask guests to write messages on whiteboards and take pictures with those. The possibilities are endless and the result will be a completely unique set of photos that capture your family and friend’s unique experiences at the wedding.

7. Creating A Better Guestbook

Instead of an old-school guestbook where people sign in, have people take pictures! This gives you a fuller vision of the people at your wedding, you get to capture their expressions and their experiences, and you’ll have something much more valuable than a simple signature to remember the day with.

8. Added Entertainment

Weddings are fantastic, but they can drag on a bit. For some people, dancing all night or endless small talk isn’t their idea of a fun night. A photo booth gives your guests something else to do after dinner is served and their feet hurt from dancing.

9. Get Silly

When a professional photographer walks up to you, it’s natural to go for a more formal pose. You’re looking at a professional camera held by a professional person, and you rarely get the opportunity to have your picture taken in that context. A photo booth gives your guests the opportunity to get a little sillier and enjoy a more fun candid photo opportunity that will capture a different side of your guests.

Photo booths add a truly unique aspect to your wedding. Even as they become more mainstream, no two wedding photo booths will ever be exactly alike because yours feature your guests! Weddings are about making as many memories as possible and capturing every moment so you can look back on them for years to come. Photo booths give you that many more opportunities to capture your guest’s joy and allow them to make their own memories as well.

If you’re planning a wedding in South Florida and you want to add the ultimate photo op to your big day, contact us! We would love to talk to you about how you can create the perfect candid photo opportunities for your guests so your wedding is truly memorable.